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This site is safe, powerful and easy to use - and it is backed up with an award-winning customer support team.

BABYSITTERS NOW raises the bar in every aspect for Babysitters, Nannies, Au Pairs and Parent's Help. We employ the latest technology and use an operating model that is both open and generous, while also being secure and practical.

  • SECURITY: This site has security built into it from the ground up, most of which is not even visible. After more than a decade of experience, we have many security protocols in place to help keep our Babysitters and Parents safe.
  • MESSAGING: All initial communication is made through our messaging system. Entire conversations can be managed easily and it provides a whole lot of extra security - you don't need to provide contact details until you're ready.
  • TOOLS: Powerful search (including map search), favourites, alerts and reviews all help to make the experience for Babysitters, Nannies, Au Pairs and Parent's Help much better.
  • REVIEWS: Parents that you have done work for can post reviews, which help provide confidence for parents viewing your profile.
  • KOALAS: Yes, this site has Koalas. Lots of them. The Avatars are both a security measure AND a whole lot of cute. They are designed to create a safe space but they also add a lovely element of joy to the site.


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Once your Babysitter profile is up, you'll also be able to contact parents through their Job Ads. Note that many Parents don't place an Ad, but prefer to contact Babysitters directly.

All contact happens through our secure messaging system, which means you don't need to give out contact details until you're ready. And there are heaps of other great features to make it all easier, safer and faster.


We have leveraged advanced PWA technology to create a Web App for our members that operates exactly like a native App, except that you don't need to download anything.
You just save a button to your home screen to make your membership experience even better.
Find wonderul local Babysitters, Nannies and Au Pairs at Babysitters Now


Every Babysitter is fabulous. Every Au Pair, Parent's Help and every Nanny... fabulous. That's not in question. The issue is how to showcase some of that "fabulous", and find jobs that are perfect for you.

BABYSITTERS NOW is designed to allow Babysitters to put their best foot forward, and to help all of our members find what is perfectly suited to them.

We combine smart technology, good information and human intuition to create an experience that is engaging, safe and fun.

  • SEARCH ENGINES: Putting up a Babysitter profile, will give all of our Babysitters, Nannies, Au Pairs and Parent's Helpers extra visibility on search engines e.g. for anyone searching for "babysitter in your suburb".
  • GOOD QUALITY ENQUIRIES: Because of the quality of the information and the powerful search filters, you should find that the parents who contact you for Babysitting are already good matches.
  • FABULOUS PRESENTATION: Our Babysitter listings and Profile pages are attractive and present everything you have to offer in a compelling and clear layout. You even get to choose your own Koala.
  • PREMIUM UPGRADES: If you ever need a boost in enquiries, we have low-cost premium upgrades available.


Find fantastic Babysitting jobs in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and right across Australia

There current Jobs across Australia for Babysitters, Nannies, Au Pairs and Parent's Help - now is the time to get on board.

The site is easy to use, safe, powerful and leverages the best of modern technology, common sense and human wisdom.